Virtual Restorative Yoga October 3rd

Restorative yoga is for anyone who would like to relax & renew. No prior yoga experience  is needed. You will be guided into restorative poses using props you have at home to make you comfortable in a completely supportive environment for total relaxation.

The restorative sequences will:

  • Help your spine and open tight hips, hamstrings & shoulders
  • Detoxify and strengthen your organs, and Improve focus & energy
  • Decease stress, anxiety, depression & pain
  • Enhance your body’s ability to heal itself
  • Bring balance to body, mind, & spirit
  • Help you de-stress and quiet your nervous system

In addition to the restorative sequences there will be

  • Pranayama breath work
  • Light stretching
  • Yoga Nidra practice – A guided deep relaxation to help you quiet your mind and melt away

Questions for Renee: (914) 763-9107

3-4:15 PM, $15, online via zoom

Call or text  1 (914) 760-7763 or email at [email protected] to reserve your spot and get the zoom link! Payment with Venmo or Zelle. Have your yoga mat or something else to lie down on, a couple of pillows, blanket and yoga blocks if you have them. Other classes are November 7, December 5th.