Balance Body, Mind, and Spirit While Gaining Strength and Flexibility in a Relaxed, Healing Atmosphere.

Renee Simon is a 200 hour yoga alliance certified vinyasa flow yoga teacher. Her classes combine breath, movement, and yoga philosophy to nourish body, mind, and spirit. Each class has a unique theme or dharma talk that is weaved through the whole class so that the living yoga benefits are achieved as well as the physical benefits gained from doing the “asanas” or poses. The classes are for beginner and intermediate levels or for anyone who wants to gain flexible and build body strength in a relaxed, healing atmosphere.

Each Class and Private Session ends With Reiki to Make Sure You Leave With That Relaxed Yoga Glow.

Renee has practiced yoga for 20 years and is now happy to teach individuals and groups proper alignment for improving posture and helping with medical problems, fun flows for strength and conditioning, as well as using the breath to both relax and energize. All of her classes and private sessions end with energy healing to ensure you leave completely relaxed and rejuvenated.

Can Yoga Help With Weight Loss?

You don’t have to do hot yoga to achieve weight balance through yoga. Scientific studies have shown that yoga can help with weight management by helping you achieve lower stress and a greater sense of well-being. Stress causes cortisol to rise which can lead to health problems and weight gain, especially around the mid-section. By practicing yoga regularly, which often includes meditation and deep breathing, cortisol can be reduced helping you achieve your ideal weight and better health overall. Yoga also gets you in tune with your body, which helps you make better health choices. When you are feeling more at peace and happier within – you will take better care of yourself.

Achieve Yoga Benefits More Quickly with Private or Semi-Private Sessions or a Family Program

Many beginner yoga students opt for private sessions to teach them the yoga asanas to feel more comfortable before joining a class. Renee also works with individuals and couples who want to take their yoga practices to the next level or who have physical challenges that require an individualized program. If you are interested in a private class or family session Renee can help your group with a customized program to improve fitness and vitality and reduce stress.

What My Clients Say

Here’s what one student had to say about doing private sessions with Renee:
“Magic happens in my private sessions with Renee. She crafts each session with care and skill, based upon my physical, emotional and mental needs of that day. Within the safe container of her intimate yoga studio, Renee leads me in pranayama and asana created especially for moving my energy. Afterwards, the alchemy continues, with 20 minutes or so of Reiki to further shift and integrate what the yoga practice initiated. I always leave feeling both more grounded and highly balanced. I look forward to continuing my journey with Renee as my able guide.” E.K.

“Renee created a nurturing and healing cocoon. I was able to just let go and find true peace.” – E. K.

“Thank you for all the wonderful benefits you provide through yoga – I really love your classes.” – Jane

Connect with Nature and Get all of the Benefits of Yoga

Join us for our Special Saturday morning Summer Beach Yoga program. This class is temporarily discontinued. The location is often a siting for swans, ducks, eagles and other wild life. There is nothing like combining the serenity of nature with a mindful yoga practice.

Renee’s Rejuvenation Yoga Schedule:

The classes include  slow flow vinyasa, deep stretching, balance postures,  breathe work, and relaxation poses to end the session. You will get energized, reduce stress, build strength and improve flexibility and balance. All classes are done virtually.

— Thursday Night slow flow vinyasa and yin series on zoom, Thursdays, 5-6 pm.   Call to get your discount card for 6 classes or drop in for $22. First class is free if you haven’t taken any classes with me.
Call or text (914) 760-7763 for more info and pricing for private yoga.

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