Enjoy Working With A Nutritionist Who Focuses On The Root Causes Rather Than a Diagnosis or Symptoms.

Renee’s comprehensive approach to nutritional counseling focuses on the patient, and not simply the diagnosis. This approach includes listening and understanding the dynamics of the patient’s particular problem from a biochemical and emotional perspective.

Achieve Lasting Weight Loss and Whole Health Optimal Wellness.

Caring, compassion and results are the three words that best describe Renee’s approach to helping you achieve and maintain a balanced weight for your body type and other health restrictions. There is no one weight or diet that works for everyone. You will receive a highly-customized program based on your health goals and personality so that once you reach your desired weight, it will be part of your life style for easy maintenance.

What My Clients Say

I have been going to Renee for over a year now. At first it was difficult to confide in someone and relinquish food as my comfort source. Renee has shown me, through her compassion and sensitivity , that it was safe for me to actually feel good and want to take care of myself. She has guided me nutritionally so that the weight and inflammation in my body have subsided and this has allowed me to have greater mobility and health. Renee’s knowledge of nutrition is just the tip of the iceberg. Her healing energy and spiritual sessions have been powerful and healing. Treating the source and not just the symptoms, has given me a positive outlook for the future. Thank you Renee. – R.Y.

Many Call Renee the Nutrition Detective Because She Couples Medical Testing With Healing to Clear Energy Blocks and Find Hidden Nutritional Deficiencies.

Renee uses the following assessment tools to understand the underlying causes for your health concerns:

Patient Questionnaire
Comprehensive Interview
Computerized Dietary and Nutritional Evaluations
Food Sensitivity Blood Testing*
Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis*
Hair Mineral/Toxic Metal Analysis*
Organic Acid Urine Analysis*
Saliva Hormone Testing *
Intuition & Hands on Reiki

* These Tests Are Not Available in Every State
Please note: Before beginning any new nutrition program, it is important to consult with your primary health care providers. An essential part of this program is to work closely with other professionals when appropriate.
For local patients, we have offices in Pound Ridge and Katonah, New York and in Ridgefield, Connecticut. We offer phone and skype appointments for people all over the world.

Click Here to begin your nutritional Consultations with Renee. You will select the appropriate questionnaire to fill out and return via fax or mail. For your convenience Renee accepts Visa, Master Card and American Express as well as payment by check or money order paid in advance. Once your completed questionnaire and payment is received, your appointment will be scheduled.

  • 60 – 120 Minute Session
  • Call For Price
  • Initial Evaluation & Strategy Session
    Review of Your Overall Health & Wellness Goals
    Detailed Medical Assessment and History
    Current Eating and Life Style Habit Review
    Recommendations for you to get Started with to Improve Your Health Right Away
    Lab Studies Submitted will be Reviewed for Significance to Nutritional Status
    Insurance Super Bill Provided for You to Submit as Needed
  • 45-60 Minute Findings/Follow-up Sessions
  • Call For Price
  • As needed 45-60 minute coaching sessions to ensure your goals are met and to make adjustments to meet your changing needs. This can include:
    Customized Meal Plans & Quick & Easy Recipes
    Supplement and Life Style Enhancement Recommendations Based on Your goals
    Exercise, Yoga & Stress Management Programs
    Clinical Testing Recommendations if Needed
    Healing Sessions for Relaxation, Stress Management, & Relief for Many Medical Problems

Consider a Customized Package for Weight Loss, Challenging Medical Conditions, or our Whole Family Plan.

Our goal is to help you and your family optimize wellness in all areas, to reach your greatest potential. Whether you are trying to lose weight, improve energy and vitality, feel more balanced and mentally sharp, or reduce pain and inflammation, we can design a customized program that may include nutritional counseling, health and life style coaching, private yoga, Reiki or energy balancing. These sessions will provide ongoing accountability and support and help you and your family maximize health & wellness for years to come! Bills to submit to your insurance will be provided at each session as needed.

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