Reiki 2 Class – December 10, 1-5

Reiki 2 Class – December 10th, 1-5 PM,  30 minute break

This class will advance your intuitive knowledge and ability to heal yourself and others. The class will start with a review from Reiki 1 and delve deeper into the ancient art of Reiki including the following advanced techniques:

    • Learning and using Reiki symbols for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing
    • Distance healing to send Reiki to anyone anywhere in the world
    • Methods to clear old habits and muscle memories that don’t serve you
    • Chakra balancing techniques
    • Rooting to balance and protect yourself from negative energy and people
    • Hands on practice to help you solidify the teachings

Limited Space: Call 914 760-7763 to Register

Class investment: $250, includes all class materials, and attunement