Healthy Living Community

Get support and have fun reaching your health goals!

Want to boost energy, balance your weight, and be part of a healthy living community?  It’s an opportunity to help you reach your goals, stay focused on your nutrition regimen, feel motivated, get your questions answered and increase your likelihood of success! It will also be fun and give you a sense of accomplishment.

This program is ongoing through 2020. It isa 3 week program designed to help you kick-start your health and well-being. You can join anytime during 2020. The group include a private facebook page and a weekly zoom check-in event. We will be focusing on eating better and creating healthy habits, with lots of tips and recipes to help you easily follow this program. To make it easy to stay on track, we also will be drinking one delicious all natural low glycemic plant based smoothie a day which is a great vehicle to boost your energy, get additional veggies into your diet, and build muscle and burn fat!

Join with a friend or spouse and double your fun as my group shares health tips, recipes, and easy ways to get moving toward a healthier routine. Especially now, when we’re all craving community, being part of a group with others who are striving to be healthier and positive may be just what you need to stay healthy during the holiday season. Register soon to get your healthy for the holidays video and recipe makeover guide.

For more information about the program, contact Renee at (914) 763-9107 or email [email protected]