The following are some of the benefits that our patients report:

Overcoming Difficult Medical Conditions

Renee works with you to help your body restore to its own natural balance. She works with each individual to address the underlying physical and emotional causes that hinder wellness—not just the symptoms.

Finally having the correct tests pinpointed the causes of my symptoms. Knowing the causes made the cure relatively simple through diet and nutrition. I feel so healthy and strong now. I don’t even think about my health (except to take care of it).

“I feel unbelievably great. One year ago I was so depressed, but today I live with a disease that most times I don’t even know I have.”

Improving Hormonal Health

Renee will help you improve hormonal health and heal your metabolism. She works with couples to help maximize fertility and with women to help improve symptoms from PMS to Menopause. My PMS has diminished and my mood stabilized. I lost weight and my very painful endometriosis has improved. I am not as tired and less depressed.

I am slowly and healthily reducing my weight; through diet, exercise and supplements my PMS has diminished and my mood has stabilized.

Attempting to get pregnant in your forties can be challenging. I consulted with Renee on nutrition and exercise in order to get my body in the best shape possible. I believe her knowledge of supplements to promote fertility really gave me an edge. I’m six and a half months pregnant. I would recommend Renee to anyone who wants to feel stronger and have more energy.

Looking and Feeling Better

Whether you want to lose weight, feel energized, improve your vitality and libido or decrease your stressed life style Renee’s programs will help.

“I lost 20-25 lbs. and feel so much better!. My husband and family thinks I look 10 years younger, but most importantly I feel great, like the old me.

Meeting Renee Simon has changed my life in every way you possible can. My body is now used to eating more healthily, and by incorporating the supplements I needed to insure optimum health, I am definitely on the right path. Another benefit from the program with Renee is that my whole family is more in tune with healthier living and that makes the maintenance a lot easier with everyone on board.

Helping Children Stay Healthy & Balanced

Renee’s programs provide “Drug-Free” immune system enhancement to provide wellness without antibiotics. Her dietary recommendations improve blood sugar balance, leading to better attention/focus and fewer mood swings.

We saw dramatic results in our daughter within 3 weeks. Results were beyond our furthest expectations.

Our son has had no more ear infections and we saw an immediate improvement in his disposition, an unanticipated result!

Digestive Health

Renee will provide you with an all natural comprehensive digestive program to provide long lasting relief from irritable bowel, candida, constipation, gas, bloating, colitis, crohn’s and more.

Renee was able to identify and solve a digestive problem that my doctor wouldn’t or couldn’t despite my bringing it to his attention more than once.

I feel so much better, like I have another person’s stomach.