Spring Cleaning For Body, Mind & Spirit

Light Voices, May 1999
By Renee Simon, Nutrition Consultant

You hear the birds chirping and see the flowers budding and right about now you start think lug about doing a spring cleaning. Perhaps you’ll plan to get your windows or house power-washed. Maybe you’ll arrange a liaison with a cleaning company to get the cob webs out of the corners of rooms you don’t use much. Or, if you are a gardener, you’ll start cleaning the last of winter’s debris from your property and begin planning which annuals will be just right this year. A little cutting here, a little pruning there, to make everything just so.

If only we took care of our bodies and souls with the same passion. As a nutritionist, I see a lot of clients after the winter months that are fighting the battle of the bulge and want to look good for bikini time. I also see a lot of clients in the winter months that are used of getting one virus and sinus infection after another, and are ready to do something about it. I’ve yet to see a client who is looking for a spring health makeover.

This article is dedicated to those of us who want to do just that—get revitalized so that we can enjoy what is one of the most pleasant times of the year. The following is what I believe to be essential for a spring health makeover.

Cleanse your body from the normal everyday toxins that we all experience from chemicals we breathe or ingest. External sources range from solar and ionizing radiation to cigarette smoke, air pollutants, heavy metals, ozone, organic solvents, pesticides, and food addictives. I recommend juicing and using herbal colon, liver, and kidney detoxifiers. These organs are essential for energy, vitality and immunity. If they are congested, you will feel sluggish and be prone to getting infections.

Build your immune system with antioxidant vitamins, teas, and other remedies. This is important for everyone, but essential fur those of us who suffer from allergies. Most allergies will go away with a properly functioning immune system.

Work through any emotional conflict that is getting in your way of living in the moment with joy and excitement. It is hard to function at maximum capacity when there is major conflict or stress us your life. Not only will it sap your happiness, but it will cause health-related problems that can manifest as headaches, stomach problems or whatever your particular physical weakness is.

Begin an exercise routine of at least 30 minutes a day of stretching, aerobic exercise, yoga, lightweight lifting or nautilus. This will help you achieve physical and mental health. Exercise is one of the best de-stressors that anyone can do on a daily basis.

Allow time to reduce stress through meditation and daily dreaming. Daily affirmations and visualization will help turn your dreams into reality. They are the key to moving you from where you are to where you want to go. These statements and pictures can be about your health, relationships, reaching a financial or career goal or anything else that is important to you.

Eat cool foods such as salads with a variety of healthy greens, and cold lightly steamed vegetables with low-fat dips and sauces. This is a time move away from heavy meat and pasta dishes. Focus instead on the variety of nutritious and delicious fruits and vegetables that are available this time of the year.
Go to your bliss station every day and enjoy with all of your heart at least one activity!!

We all need something to look forward to and something we find extremely pleasurable.
Please remember that there is more to life than working and carpooling.
I hope this list motivates you to make positive changes in your life to enjoy the upcoming spring season of growth and renewal.

Renee Simon is a Nutrition Consultant and teacher who lectures on a variety of health related topics and the mind and body connection. She specializes in helping clients make dietary and lifestyle changes to achieve optimal wellness. She has a private practice in South Salem, N.Y. and can be reached at (914)-763-9107. Her training is in Holistic Nutrition from the American Academy of Nutrition, and she is in the final stages of completing a Masters in Science in Clinical Nutrition from Bridgeport University.